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I am not a software developer, I don’t know the first thing about writing code or scripts, but these questions should help get you up and running. If not, get in touch.

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  1. -How can I connect my iPad to my Mac if there’s no wi-fi network where I DJ?

You can create an ‘ad-hoc’ network from your Mac that your iPad can join. In fact, this is probably the best way to set up, avoiding the data traffic on other networks. Here’s a step-by-step video on how to do it on a Mac. Windows users should go here.

  1. -I’ve no idea how to get these file set up!   WTF do I do??

The easiest way to connect is via TouchOSC Bridge. Try the 5-step Quick Start Guide.

You can read about alternatives to Bridge here, and there’s more info in the Manual that came in the zip file you purchased from this site.

The most common connection problems are caused by incorrect port settings or old .tsi files, as outlined in the next point...

- Everything connects OK but some functions aren’t working, like the play button or cross-fader.

There could be a few problems at work here.

  1. 1)If you have multiple .tsi midi controller files loaded in Traktor, try removing them as they may be creating conflicting midi messages.

  1. 2)Also, ensure Traktor’s In & Out Ports are correct -

  2. If you use OSCulator, set the Traktor ports to OSCulator, as in the screengrab below. [Traktor Preferences > Controller Manager > Device Setup]. More OSCulator port info here.



  TouchOSC Bridge users should Set ports to TouchOSC Bridge - check these screengrabs

  If you use a CoreMIDI connection through Audio MIDI Setup or rptMIDI, set the ports to Session 1.

  More CoreMIDI screengrabs here.

  1. 3)It is also possible that your files have become corrupted. Email me and I will send you fresh ones. A quick re-install of the OSCulator and .tsi files normally sorts out most issues. If an OSCulator connection isn’t working, try a CoreMIDI connection - some users find it easier to set up.

  1. -TouchOSC Editor gives me error messages when I try to transfer layouts to my iPhone.

You should try syncing via iTunes File Sharing. This page explains how.

  1. -Why do some features keep changing colour or disappearing?

This is actually a feature! It’s feedback from Traktor to tell you what’s what. Check out this page for more info on colour-changing features. These are currently for OSCulator users only

  1. -Why are the rotary knobs difficult to use and I wish you had more EQ Kill buttons!?

If you find rotaries annoyingly fiddly to use, the tips on this page may help.

  1. -Why aren’t there any labels on your knobs and buttons?

I simply prefer the design that way. It’s cleaner and less cluttered. It’s very easy to add labels if you want - there’s a step-by-step video showing you how, or the instructions on this page will help.

Most pages are colour coded:

Deck A = red, Deck B = green, Deck C = yellow, Deck D = blue, FX 1 = grey, FX 2 = purple

The position of knobs and faders should be similar to Traktor’s screen, making it reasonably intuitive. Let me know if not!

Besides, do you really need to be told that the top EQ knob is the treble and the bottom one is the bass? ;-) 

This site includes maps of all functions - scroll down on the page of your layout, like this one for the 4 deck iPad controls. These maps are also included in the Manual PDF that came with the zip file you purchased.

- The .tsi file won’t load into Traktor!

Sounds like you are using an old version of Traktor Pro, or Traktor Scratch Pro.

At time of writing this (March 2012) the latest version is 2.1.2. The .tsi file will not load into versions older than v1.2.4. For Traktor Duo and LE versions, see below.

If you use v1.2.x of Traktor, you can upgrade to v1.2.7 for free using Native Instruments’ Service Centre application.

- I use Traktor LE / Duo. How do I load the .tsi file?

The .tsi file will only load into the latest version of Traktor Pro or Traktor Scratch Pro. Traktor LE and Duo do not support fully customisable midi controls. Sorry!  If in doubt, try one of the free sample layouts first.

- Why do your templates have loads of mixer pages that kind of do the same thing?

Everyone has their own preferred way of DJing. Some like clean simple templates with large buttons for easier use when playing live, others like to have lots of features at their fingertips so they can tweak FX and loops simultaneously...  There is no single ‘best mixer layout’ that works for everyone, so I include a few options. They all come mapped for Traktor. You can switch between them on the fly, or delete the ones you don’t use. Have a play around and see which ones work best for you.

- I want to change the colours of your buttons and add some extra faders.

You can customise the templates as you wish you using TouchOSC Editor. The videos on this page work through some examples and will give you an idea of how it’s done.

Be careful when messing with the mappings! It’s always best to make a back-up of your original files.

  1. -What’s your privacy policy?

I promise not to give your details to anyone else and will only contact you with news of new templates being released. Let me know if you want to be removed from my email list.

TouchOSC templates for Traktor iPad DJshttp://web.me.com/noelcottle/Old_shite/XXX_old_HOME_page_touchOSC-templates-for-Traktor.html