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Easy to follow installation, tips and customisation here.

This Quick Start Guide gives you the basics of getting started in five simple steps. You’ll also find this guide in the Manual PDF inside the zip file you purchased from this site.

1) Download and install the TouchOSC app from the iTunes App Store - It’s £2.99.

The TouchOSC app is very versatile in that it offers numerous ways to connect to Traktor over wi-fi. The simplest is by downloading ‘TouchOSC Bridge’ application. Bridge is made by Hexler, who also makes the TouchOSC app. It’s FREE and you will find links for both Macs and PCs halfway down this web page:

2) Install the Bridge application on your laptop. It handles all the MIDI data flowing between Traktor and your iPad. Launch it and let it run in the background when you are controlling Traktor.

3) Locate the ‘TouchControl docs’ folder in the zip file you purchased from this site.

Transfer the TouchControlxxx.touchosc file to your iPad using iTunes File Sharing.

[‘xxx’ represents the version you downloaded]

4) Launch the app on your iPad. Under Connections tap MIDI Bridge.

Turn on the Enable switch. Your laptop will appear as an available host if it is running Bridge. Tap it to select it.

Return to the main TouchOSC Prefs page and make sure the file you transferred via iTunes is showing under Layout. If not, tap it and select it from the list of layouts available. Tap Done. See these screengrabs to make sure your settings are correct.

5) Launch Traktor. Go Preferences > Controller Manager > Device Setup. Click the Add button under the Device drop-down and select Import.

Navigate to the ‘TouchControl docs’ folder in the zip you downloaded from this site and select the TouchControl v.xxx.tsi file. [‘xxx’ represents the version you downloaded]. Set both In and Out Ports to TouchOSC Bridge, as per the screengrabs.

That’s it. You should now have control of Traktor. If you have trouble try watching the step-by-step video, or drop me an email.

Next time you use Traktor, just launch TouchOSC Bridge first and open TouchOSC on your iPad and all your controls will be ready to go. Easy.

NB. If you have other controllers’ .tsi files loaded in the Device drop-down list, make sure you disable or delete them, or set their ports accordingly (i.e. NOT ‘TouchOSC Bridge’ or ‘All Ports’).

You can find more information on connecting via a CoreMIDI Session, rtpMIDI or how to make the most of extra features available with OSCulator, in Appendix 1 of the user manual - or here.

TouchOSC templates for Traktor iPad DJshttp://web.me.com/noelcottle/Old_shite/XXX_old_HOME_page_touchOSC-templates-for-Traktor.html