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- OSC, MIDIBridge, rtpMIDI??  WTF??

Hexler’s TouchOSC app is versatile in that it offers numerous ways to connect to Traktor over wi-fi. Layouts from my site are mapped to work with a number of these connection options.

All the options basically do the same thing in different ways, but OSC connections currently (March 2012) allow a few extra display features over MIDI connections. As Hexler continues to update the features of TouchOSC, no doubt these extra display functions will, in time, come to non-OSC connections too.  

This section gives you an overview of the alternatives. You only need to choose one type of connection that suits how you want to set up the layouts.

1 - TouchOSC Bridge - the easy free option

The easiest way to get set up is by using Hexler’s own TouchOSC Bridge application. It’s simple and seamless and so is recommended for first-time users. Bridge runs in the background on your laptop routing MIDI messages to and from Traktor.

  1. -  TouchOSC Bridge is free

  2. -  available for Mac and PC users

  3. -  allows multiple iDevices to control Traktor at the same time.

- download: hexler.net         - install: instructions or video         - preferences screengrabs

2 - OSC via OSCulator - for extra display features on Macs

My layouts are mapped to send and receive OSC messages as well as MIDI data for Bridge/CoreMIDI. 

I am not a technical programmer so I don’t know much about the difference between OSC and MIDI, but Richie Hawtin has described the OSC protocol as “a high-end MIDI”.

Using OSC with my layouts enables a few simple display features that currently aren’t possible with Bridge.

For example, functions like Cue Trigger buttons can change colour according to Cue Type, or disappear if they are not required.

To set up with an OSC connection instead of TouchOSC Bridge you will need to run OSCulator in the background on your Mac. It sends and receives OSC data, converting it to/from MIDI for Traktor.

  1. - extra display features for a richer experience

  2. - OSCulator is free to try (time limited demo), then $19 or $39

  3. - Mac users only

  4. - can only handle one iDevice at a time

If you are new to using TouchOSC I recommend starting with TouchOSC Bridge because it’s free.

There are no major ‘can’t-live-without’ extras with OSCulator, just a richer experience.

- download: osculator.net         - install: video         - preferences screengrabs

3 - CoreMIDI connections - alternatives to Bridge

Starting a CoreMIDI session enables the same feature set as Bridge.

This can be done via Audio MIDI Setup on Macs ( /Applications > Utilities ), or PC users can download rtpMIDI.

rtpMIDI emulates Audio MIDI Setup. It looks the same and behaves in the same way. 

  1. - same features as Bridge

  2. - both applications are free. Audio MIDI Setup is already installed on Mac OSX.

  3. allows multiple iDevices to control Traktor at the same time.

- download: rtpMIDI pages         - install: video         - preferences screengrabs

TouchOSC templates for Traktor iPad DJshttp://web.me.com/noelcottle/Old_shite/XXX_old_HOME_page_touchOSC-templates-for-Traktor.html