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4 deck iPhone Control

demo iPhone Control



free sample control template

Get a feel for TouchOSC controls with Traktor Pro and see just how awesome it is on the iPad. Try this simple template for free before committing to buy one of the others.

It may be stripped down, but you could still play a full set with this remote touch screen mixer. It includes channel faders, basic start/stop deck transport, VU level meters, peak and track end indicators, sync buttons, EQ, and control of headphone monitoring.

try before you buy

Road test some Controls for yourself. Check out this simple two channel mixer for free. Download for free via the red button.

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TouchOSC templates for Traktor iPad DJs

fully customisable

TouchOSC Editor lets you change colours, move, add or delete features and more

download includes

TouchOSC layout, OSCulator file,

Traktor Pro .tsi file, link to install video

system requirments

Mac and PC users - check you have everything you need to get up and running here.

The Traktor .tsi file only loads with version of Traktor Pro older than version 1.2.4. Traktor Scratch and Traktor v2 are fully supported. More info here.

your information

You will need to submit your name and email address to receive the free download. I will never give your information to anyone ever and promise to only contact you about new releases of my TouchOSC layouts. Just let me know if you don’t want any contact from me.